Collingwood Baptist Church, 2010.  Phone: 604-433-5616.  4847 Joyce Street, Vancouver, B.C. V5R 4G4.

Collingwood Baptist Church
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 Sunday Worship at 10:30 AM.  4847 Joyce Street (at Monmouth), Vancouver.Collingwood_Baptist_Church_-_Home.html


       For anyone grades 6 to 12.  All Youth Evnts are posted on our Youth Facebook Page

     Church Phone: 604-433-5616    Facebook Page Link

NOTE: this is a Private Facebook Page - If you don't have access call the Church or ask a Youth Leader

Website Links for youth

Check out some of these great sites for something good to do while you’re online:

Plugged-In Online - Plugged-In Online is a good source of information on pop culture for teens!

Teens to Serve Jesus - A website developed by a local person that helps you think about Christianity.

Bible Gateway - Tonnes of Bible translations on the internet!  Check it out to read the Bible online!